Monday, April 6, 2009

tech task #18 Future Classroom

Before taking this class my vision of my future classroom was a little different. I knew it would be necessary to have my students work on computers, perhaps working on their typing skills or researching a topic; the same type of tasks that I used to use in school. However, now, after taking this class I realize how important it is to use technology in the classroom. The generation of students I will be teaching will have grown up using computers and other forms of technology all their lives. Therefore, it is my job to take advantage of their technological skills and make use of them in the classroom, rather than having them learn everything the "old fashion" way that i mostly grew up with. I now envision my future classroom equipped with laptops and a smartboard. I have already begun thinking of lessons and activities I can do with my students, such as blogger or Google tools or Second Life, etc. I'm an arts education student so it may be a slight challenge to fully incorporate as much technology into my subject area in comparison to other subject. I am prepared to do my best to incorporate technology into my classroom one way or another to ensure my students have a positive experience that can benefit them as learners.

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  1. i relate to you in the struggle to incorporate technology into the classroom, but agree that this class has given me great experience to do so