Friday, February 27, 2009

tech task #5 Google Education Tools

I found learning about Google Ed. Tools with Lisa Thumann very interesting as the thought of using Google Tools within the classroom had never crossed my mind. To begin with I had no idea there was such a thing as Education Tools within Google, so learning how to use the tools and adapt them to my future classrooms opened up all new windows of opportunity for me to explore. The tool I found most appealing was Google Docs, which allows you to create your own forms/surveys. This tool could be used in many ways, and has great potential within any classroom. Whether you make a fun survey to get to know your students or create a form in a quiz-like format to test your students on a specific topic or subject matter, this tool is very versatile in all ways. You can create multiple choice, fill in the blanks, check boxes, or longer paragraph type forms of answering the questions. You could also have students create their own surveys and quizzes and get them to answer each others forms. I used Google Docs to create a simple form asking for my classmates email addresses, but there are endless opportunities I will continue to discover as further explore Google Education Tools.