Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Final Project: How To Video

For my final project I chose to do a "how to" video on oil painting.

Before this project I had never used oil paints before, so this was a new challenge for me both mechanically and technically. I am a visual arts major in the arts ed. program so I thought this video would be a good way to bring technology into an art class, since it can be challenging to find useful ways to incorporate technology into this subject area. Perhaps I can make use of this during my internship or in my future classroom, by showing the video to students and having them create their own.

To begin the process of creating this video I first had to gather the materials: a canvas, paints, paint thinner, brushes, palette, and pencils. The next step was to find an image, I found a great photograph of some lilies in black and white. As I worked on my painting I stopped after every step to take pictures of the process in order to document step-by-step. Once I finished the painting I chose the best pictures and put them into Windows Movie Maker. Next I added text over some of the images to clearly display the step or process. Lastly I recorded my own instructions on a program called Sound Recorder, using my built-in microphone on my laptop. For some reason I had trouble with the voice recordings saving in order and has to re-record some parts as a result. Otherwise my video went quite smoothly, which was surprising considering this was only my second time using Movie Maker. Once I finished my video I uploaded it to youtube:


  1. Wow, beautiful painting! I took up oil painting at the beginning of last semester at the Neil Balkwill with Jack Anderson. I love the water-mixable oil paints because you don't need to use paint thinner and chemicals (Yah! for the environment). It was challenging moving from acrylics to oils (as acrylics only take a few hours to dry, where oils take months to fully and completely dry), but I have to say I really loved the way the oils could be worked and reworked. I guess, waiting is the hardest part (especially if you are slightly impatient like me). Good job.

  2. Wow, Jade! Great video and great painting; you should post some pictures of the other paintings you did for EAES. I didn't get to see them close up, but they looked wonderful some across the room :) Great job!