Wednesday, March 4, 2009

tech task #7 K12 Online Conference

I watched the video “Parent Engagement in the 21st Century” by Lorna Costantini and Matt Montagne on the K12 online conference. Here is the link: . The video was generally reaching out to parent s of today’s online learner’s, as in this generation “children are growing up online.” There are many key points made throughout the video that depict how crucial it is for parents to become involved with online activities, rather than ignoring the fact that they have no idea what their children are actually doing on the internet. The video suggests that web- illiterate parents begin their involvement by creating an email, facebook, or twitter account as somewhat of an introduction to the internet. By doing this they will have the basic understanding of what they’re kids are doing when they’re online. One major concern for parents is children getting into trouble online, however one parent pointed out that “kids who engage in risky behavior online, do it offline first.” I agree with this statement because I think as with anything there are pros and cons, the web clearly has it’s negatives but used in positive and educational way I believe the benefits strongly outweigh the negatives.

As a future teacher I know the web is an essential classroom tool and I believe parents need to understand that there are so many learning opportunities with the web and that they shouldn’t be afraid of it. In my future classrooms I plan to use email as key source of communication to parents about how their children are doing and keep them up to date with what is going on in the class. Many parents believe the internet is simply a world of danger where potential predators lurk in chat rooms waiting for their children to come online. And yes there are such places on the web; however the same risks that come with the internet exist in real life as well. In my opinion parents need to learn how to use the internet in order to understand and accept what their children are using it for, such as email, instant messenger, facebook, and more. As kids grow older the internet is not only a place of leisure but a place of education as many classes whether in high school or university are only offered online. In the years to come there are endless possibilities the internet holds for us educators to explore within our classrooms.

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